Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie Rewind: Arborio Rice Pudding

I'm still a week behind with TWD, but the positive side to it is I can read all of the tips from the other bakers' experiences. For instance, I had to cook the pudding for 55-60 minutes instead of the recommend 30 minutes that was written in the cookbook. I was made aware of this problem by reading the comments from other bakers. Apparently the is a typo in the recipe. Dorie herself left a comment on the P&Q stating that this was the case.

I love rice pudding. I enjoyed this recipe and I didn't even use whole milk. I just used what I had which was 1%. I did end up adding cinnamon to it though because it just didn't seem quite right without it and I absolutely love cinnamon. It's my favorite spice.

I didn't care for the chocolate version. It was way too chocolaty for me--and I love chocolate.
Thanks to Isabelle from Les gormandises d'lsa for choosing this recipe. Visit the Tuesday's with Dorie Blog for more information.


Cristine said...

Glad you enjoyed the recipe!

Tia said...

no new TWD posts? thx for stopping by my blog!!! i appreciate your comment :)

Rachel said...

Thanks for the comment. Rice pudding sounds yummy! :)

Lynnylu said...

Looking forward to you next post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved the rice pudding, too, but wouldn't like the chocolate either.